Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Upcoming Projects to Knit

Okay, so lately I have been purchasing lots of yarn for projects that I have read about on other knitting blogs or seen in magazines. There are so many great patterns in the knitting world how does one have time to knit everything they want.

Here are the patterns I have recently purchased fiber for:

Wicked by Zephyr
Green Gable, also by Zephyr
Central Park Hoodie from Knit Scene, Fall 2006
Cabled Hoodie from Patons Street Smart
Roll the Dice bag from the Creating Knitting, March 2007
French Market Bag from

With just these projects I have enough to keep me busy for quite some time, but I have also purchase yarn for a few projects I plan to give as gifts, so I can’t mention them here, just in case the recipient happens upon this knitting blog.

In most cases, I purchased the exact yarn used by the designer. I haven’t been able to venture out and choose my own yarn. But what can you expect, I have really only been a part of the yarn loving world of knitters for what 2 months. Give me some time people, I will get to the point where I am able to work outside the box, but let me get my knitting legs first.

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