Thursday, February 15, 2007

On the Needles

Okay, this is only my second post and I am still trying to figure things out.

I have been doing a lot of knitting the last few days and I promise to post some pictures really soon. When I joined a local knitting group at the end of December a lot of the ladies encouraged me to try socks. To that point I had only finished one sweater and was working on another. Socks intimidated me. The ladies recommended the book Sensational Socks to get started, so I took the plunge and bought the book. To my surprise, socks aren’t as hard as I thought they would be. I did stumble a little with the wording of the pattern, but with the help of my local yarn stores “Ewe-nique Knits” and “Have You Any Wool”, I worked my way through it and completed two sample socks.

Now, I am working on a pair for myself. Even on size zero needles these little guys seems to work up so quickly. They are so much fun, and so easy to take wherever I go. If I love them as much as everyone says I will, I believe I will always have a pair of socks on the needles and ready to travel.

In true knitting style, I have other projects on the needles as well; two sweaters are currently in the works. One of the sweaters is very close to being finished. I had been waiting to take a finishing class before I completed this one. The class was at the end of January and I have just been putting it off. Anyway, all I have to do is sew up the seams and knit the collar. Maybe I will work on it this weekend and have a finished object to show you on Monday.

The other sweater is just two arms away from being finished. I am trying something new with this one; I am knitting both sleeves at the same time. Being fairly new to knitting I had never done this before and it really makes a lot of sense.


Jae said...

I almost always knit my sleeves at the same time. It saves me the agony of discovering that one is longer than the other. Knitting at the same time means I can screw them both up. But atleast I now have the option of calling the mistake a "design feature". ;)

Miranda said...

Yay for socks! I neeeed to get that Sensational Knit Socks book, but everytime I have the cash to buy it I can't find it locally! I'm tempted to try the 2 socks at once method but I'm afraid I will end up a tangled mess of tears. haha