Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend of Knitting

Lots of knitting going on here this weekend, Friday night I visited with my friend Valerie. We were supposed to be stamping together, but my knitting was calling my name so I only stamped for a short while and then picked up my needles. I accomplished quite a bit while we chatted for most of the evening.

Saturday, I ventured across the border to Canada. I don't know why, but going across the border is always nerve racking, I never know what is going to happen. Once I was stopped and they searched my car. I guess I looked suspicious. But I have to admit I had a car load full of crafting supplies. My mom and I were headed to Toronto for the week and we had plans on working on some craft projects while I was there for some training.

Anyway, this time went nice and smooth. I learned my lesson and now I pack everything in the truck so they can't see how much stuff I am taking with me.

While visiting with Janis, I meet two new knitters, Diane and Olivia. Diane is very new to knitting; she has only been knitting a month or so. She was working on a very cute scarf for her son, but when we determined she had been doing a reverse stockinette stitch instead of a garter she decided to frog it and start over. It was a real bummer because the scarf was adorable.

Diane and Olivia
Olivia has known how to knit for awhile, but it hasn't really been a passion of hers. She had some soft and cuddly black yarn and was just knitting for practice. That is until we talked her into actually starting a project. When the camera came out she decided it was far time to tote her camera in something other than a sock and she started a little camera cozy for her camera.

Janis was diligently working on her sock project for her sock class. She was working on the gusset and was really concentrating on her pattern. She too is fairly new to knitting, she has been knitting for about a year. So I was the veteran in this group although I can't say that I was the expert, because each of these ladies knew a thing or two about knitting.

And then there was Penelope, Janis' little dog. She refused to learn to knit so, I knitted this little coat for her and she looks so cute. She was such a ham. Once we got started taking pictures of her she didn't want us to stop. She was sitting so cute and pretty, and providing lots of different poses. What a nutty little girl!

I also took some pictures of my work in progress too, but I will save those for my next post.

Knit On!

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Shorty said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog about my frogged Jaywalkers. It is really discouraging, but ce la vie.

Oh my goodness! What a doll Penelope is. My Shitzu Samantha will not wear clothes to save her life.

So glad you are helping to convert, one crafter at a time.